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Don’t Pay The Price Of Inaction

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“As soon as I opened up the course, I realized this is exactly what I needed because I think it was about a year or two that I was struggling with kind of creating webinars and spending so much time creating a full-on webinar.

“And I tried different things. It took me a while to write the script and I’ll have to record it. And I realized that creating a mini webinar is so much more powerful. First of all, it’s just easier to get it up and running. Just get, you know, it doesn’t take long to just get the mini webinar and if your offer is good enough, then it doesn’t matter the way I see it is it doesn’t matter if it’s a webinar or mini webinar.” – Sam Mollaei

Sam Mollaei is a lawyer who started a solo practice and needed a way to get clients.

His tool of choice? Funnels.

In fact, he was so successful using funnels he generated over $2,000,000 in legal services.

And eventually won a 2-Comma Club award from ClickFunnels.

So, he’s no newbie marketer.

You know, one of the most satisfying things about doing what I do…

Is having experienced marketers try my methods and say, “Oh, this is much better!”

This happens often, mind you.

Sam’s 32X Return On Ad Spend

“I’m at the point where I spend about $2,500 in Facebook ads and generated $80,000 in a matter of a couple of weeks. And it’s just the beginning. It’s just like the first stage of doing Facebook ads. Now there are other traffic (sources) and other ways I could scale up. So, thanks to you, Joel.”

I have to point out here that you don’t normally get this kind of return without a high ticket offer.

Sam’s middle-tier offer was $5,000 at the time we recorded this interview. And he raises the price every new intake.

And he was putting together his top-tier done-with-you offer when we spoke. That’ll go for $25,000 at least.

When your products and services are priced this way, advertising is a lot more forgiving.

Even A-Players Have Doubts

I’ve already told you Sam is an experienced marketer/entrepreneur.

So when I asked him if he had any hesitations before joining High Ticket Courses…

I was surprised to find out even he had doubts.

Lucky for me, High Ticket Courses has an excellent track record…

And my clients/students are some of the biggest names in the online business space.

“I mean the typical hesitations: is it worth it, is it not? But I think one of the things that really helped me was one of your past students, Steven Mayer of Valiant Consultants. He’s actually one of my good friends and he’s a very good affiliate partner to one of my law firms.

“First of all, he is an amazing guy himself and two, he was doing exceptionally well with his own business. And I saw his funnel and I’m like, wow, this looks like very particular. And I was really intrigued by it. And then lo and behold, I saw Joel’s course. I’m like, wait, Steven is actually one of Joel’s students.

“So that for me was like, okay, this is it. This is exactly what Steven did. And I’m going apply the same exact thing for myself.”

What About Selling On The Phone?

Selling $80k in a few weeks is no small feat.

The mini-webinar does not close the sale for you.

It only gets the prospect to raise their hand.

They fill out an application and you have to get on the phone to get them to buy.

I assumed Sam being a lawyer gave him an advantage in phone sales.

But when I asked him about his sales process, he surprised me.

“I’m glad you asked this. So I don’t do any of the sales at all. I’m not a salesman. I know this by myself. I’m more like behind the scenes creating systems, doing those things. So I’m very conscious of that and I’m sure a bunch of your listeners, about a third of your listeners are the same way. So if that’s the case, you’ve got to surround yourself or go hire salespeople who can take on the calls.

“So what I did was I had this document that I basically put the entire offer there. I put all the possible objections and any kind of marketing material or anything else that could be supporting information that somebody else can just go and learn and then become my salesman.

“And then I basically hired a sales agency who take on the calls for a percentage or a commission. And it’s great. I’m so happy. I’ve never been happier. Even if there’s like some potential leads or potential clients that know me personally, I’d rather even just hand it off to them and let them talk to my sales team than me trying to get on the phone and try to do my thing, to try to save the percentage of the sales or whatever like that.

“So completely, if you feel that way and if you feel like that’s holding you back, just delegate that part of your business.”

Opportunity Cost: The Price You Pay For Doing Nothing

I asked Sam to give my audience some advice.

What would he tell them if they were on the fence about joining High Ticket Courses?

“You can’t afford not to. I mean, a lot of people would kind of bring up that idea that ‘I can’t afford it.’ With successful entrepreneurs, they understand the value of time. So there’s huge opportunity costs with not taking action.

“So if – here’s an easy way to calculate it – if you were to take Joel’s course and you were to apply it, in three months, let’s just say you set a goal for yourself that you should expect to make this much amount of money.

“If you do not make that much money, that means you’re technically losing that much money. And that’s the way you got to kind of look at it. So what’s the cost for you to not to take action is a bigger thing to really figure out for yourself.

“Understand sometimes you have things are holding you back, but if you look at the case studies, hear our stories, that really kind of gives you the push to realize that, hey it is possible. Joel will hand-deliver it to you. You just have to go apply it for yourself.”

So, What’ll It Be? Action Or Inaction?

Discover how High Ticket Courses can help you scale your offers in a simple way while paying up to 90% less on your ads.

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