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Can service-based businesses launch high ticket offers? Maybe… The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. I always try to be as up front as possible when talking with service business

Would you like a peak behind the curtain at my low-ticket funnel? Wait…did I say low-ticket?! Yes, I did. You know my whole vibe is high ticket offers, right? I made my

“I have no doubt that I’ll be a millionaire in the next 12 months.” Man, do I love hearing that! Especially when it comes from someone just like you and me; who

Want to know a secret about fulfillment? Your clients don’t care about deliverables. They care about solving their problems with your solution. I don’t talk a lot about fulfillment. Instead, I try

“Spoiler alert: Nobody wants a lawyer until they actually need one.” I love it when an opportunity comes along to prove that high ticket offers don’t just work in the “make money

I got an email the other day from A-list copywriter Justin Goff. He told a story about someone who wanted to buy a program Justin sells. But the prospect wanted to make

I talk about Mini Webinars all the time, right? All. The. Time.  But in this episode, I get to talk with someone who is just as passionate about Mini Webinars as I

“Does the Power Offer work for B2C?” It’s one of the most common questions I get. My answer is usually something along the lines of, “if people buy stuff in your market,

I have an offer “Spidey Sense.” I’ve seen so many over the years that I can immediately tell when a student or client is going to see massive results with their power

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