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My rule of thumb is that if it causes me stress, I don’t want in. I want to have fun with my business. If you are just starting out, the single biggest

Sometimes our best ideas come when we’re away from our desk.  I’ve been thinking about the concept of promise vs. process when it comes to marketing. Being aware of who you are

Recently, I offered to do a funnel review and optimization for a few students. Brent Kocal raised his hand immediately and we went to work. Brent’s offer is in the personal development

I’m going to tell you all about a profitable side-effect for my business that I discovered… After I started teaching my expertise through courses, live events, and coaching programs. In fact, it’s

If you are a high ticket service provider, coach, or consultant, lead generation is a waste of time.  I’m sick of seeing business owners struggle to fill their calendars because they’re following

People have asked me this a few times in our free Facebook group, Million Dollar Course Marketers (link below if you wanna join.) “Can I do a power offer without  a mini

I’ve been asked, on more than one occasion, how I was able to scale my high-ticket programs to 7-figures. Some business owners get stuck doing done-for-you services, or group coaching, or courses,

One thing you’ll hear me say again and again is that I’m not trying to rewrite the rules of marketing. And I have to say this because a lot of what I

When people hear me talk about webinars they assume we’re going “direct to sale.” And while I do have webinars running that do this, what I always recommend to people just starting

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