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We will talk about something a bit contradictory to what you have probably learned in the past. Have you heard the saying, “What you are selling your customers is the hole; you

I have a friend whose name is Greg Hickman and had shared something on his Instagram or social media. He published something in the past month that hit home and I wanted

We have found something that had more benefits than a traditional webinar.  The last episode of my podcasts had the seed planted for this new project – Infocasts. Let me give you

I am going to speak at South America’s largest affiliate marketing conference. And I am excited to introduce to you this newest thing. The Infocasts. I got great people taking action and

Today’s episode is something we’ve never talked about. It’s all about email deliverability access.  I had a couple of issues with autoresponders running 24/7, and I connected with our guest – Troy

I listened to copy chief radio, which is my good buddy’s podcast. He is talking about reinvention, and I thought it was pretty relevant as I am going through some internal reinventions.

Let’s talk about offers. I had a call today with a game plan client who needed dialing their messaging and offers. One of my favorite brain exercises is to help you come

I took a two-week detox from Facebook when I went on a vacation. I reduced my time on Facebook by 95%. I have been spending more time on YouTube. This episode will

I spoke at an event in Austin, Texas, and I had breakfast with a client. We talked about her messaging, offer, and all the things that she tried and failed. What worked

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