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Recently, I offered to do a funnel review and optimization for a few students. Brent Kocal raised his hand immediately and we went to work. Brent’s offer is in the personal development

I’m going to tell you all about a profitable side-effect for my business that I discovered… After I started teaching my expertise through courses, live events, and coaching programs. In fact, it’s

If you are a high ticket service provider, coach, or consultant, lead generation is a waste of time.  I’m sick of seeing business owners struggle to fill their calendars because they’re following

People have asked me this a few times in our free Facebook group, Million Dollar Course Marketers (link below if you wanna join.) “Can I do a power offer without  a mini

I’ve been asked, on more than one occasion, how I was able to scale my high-ticket programs to 7-figures. Some business owners get stuck doing done-for-you services, or group coaching, or courses,

One thing you’ll hear me say again and again is that I’m not trying to rewrite the rules of marketing. And I have to say this because a lot of what I

When people hear me talk about webinars they assume we’re going “direct to sale.” And while I do have webinars running that do this, what I always recommend to people just starting

I get a lot of messages from my email, podcast, and social media friends… Asking me what software I use to run my business. They’ll notice I use a particular tool… And

Can service-based businesses launch high ticket offers? Maybe… The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. I always try to be as up front as possible when talking with service business

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