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I have a lot of friends who would tell me that they spend a lot of time at Disney World, and I just didn’t get it.  Why are adults keep coming back

I’m want to share my $250,000 experiment that I ran two years ago. We will pit the battle of low-ticket versus high-ticket and mid-ticket courses.  I was trying to make low-ticket courses

It’s been a while since I’ve had a guest on this podcast. I love to hear every guest share their journey, big wins, and how successful they are. Today’s guest is an

My idea of semi-retirement is a four-hour-per-day workday for four days per week. And many people resonate with the idea of semi-retirement, which is possible. It is a simplistic way to design

It is essential to build a profitable business before making a brand.  It is something I deal with from the people who were in the course creation space leaders who want to

There are three core phases of growing a high ticket course business. Not everyone goes through the three phases, and some people stop at every stage. You need to understand what takes

Anyone can say, “You should raise your rates,” or “Increase your price,” without giving any sort of logical consideration when it comes to pricing your high ticket courses. Figuring out the price

When I started to launch my high ticket courses and my coaching programs back in the day, I didn’t have a clear idea of what a customer journey was. I realized that

In the world of digital marketing, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with all sorts of different types of fancy gimmicks and funnels. When I started to discover power offers, where

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