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Market conditions can change at any given moment, and it’s crucial to be out there on the water to be aware of these changes. You need to factor in the direction the

I don’t care about funnels. You shouldn’t either. In this episode, I’ll explain how funnels can over complicate your life when you’re ready for them, and how to refine your minimum viable

A week before our trip to Florida, I brought my truck in to get serviced and was suckered into a deal on another truck that I couldn’t pass up (gotta appreciate a

If for some reason you still need convincing that the Power Offer works, listen to Boyd Clewis’ success story. Boyd serves the IT industry, with a niche of credit card data security.

How do you get people who have never heard of you before to raise their hand and say, “Yes, I want this”? Recently I’ve been fueled by this fire to help clients

When a client comes to you and immediately blames their lack of success on the agency they used in the past, do some digging. There’s gotta be a reason for this. The

How do you set yourself apart from competitors who are offering something similar to you?  Some business owners will get stuck selling something as a commodity. Doing this is like tossing it

Once you get your Power Offer converting, what’s next? Let’s say you have someone clearly wanting to say yes, but the timing isn’t “right” for them. What do you do now? In

The most successful people are willing to adapt to what the market wants. It’s true: great offers aren’t born, they’re created. Through trial and error, you’ll be able to meet your deliverables

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