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I took a two-week detox from Facebook when I went on a vacation. I reduced my time on Facebook by 95%. I have been spending more time on YouTube. This episode will

I spoke at an event in Austin, Texas, and I had breakfast with a client. We talked about her messaging, offer, and all the things that she tried and failed. What worked

I want to talk about how to become a celebrity in your niche. And I have a story to share and a little piece of information behind this and it is interesting.

I am quite frankly sick of our industry and how some people run masterminds and coaching groups.  I am not doing this to my own horn. Nobody should be threatened to be

I wanted to talk about one of the simplest things that people can do to make massive action and momentum in their business. I have been working with a couple of clients.

We have another very interesting episode of Sold With Webinars. When you write webinars, it involves a lot of copy.  Avatar creation is one of the essentials in digital marketing. We are

I think a lot of people can relate to this podcast. I wanted to share with you a conversation I had with my friend, it is about change. This would be helpful

I want to address a very common question that I get in my email inbox and it’s regarding high ticket offers. A lot of times when somebody signs up for my training

Today, I’m going to share with you two stories. It’s about a conversation I had with somebody and related to podcast webinars. I want to talk about dumb things that digital marketers

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