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I’ll tell you a secret: Stories sell. Particularly, stories about YOU. Who you are, how you came to be where you’re at right now, and what your life looks like because of

I had a conversation with my buddy Cole Gordon recently, and we were talking about how to get people interested in offers within the marketing niche. He gave me some great insights

Growing a business and an audience from scratch is not easy, especially if you’re used to relying on other people’s audiences. In this episode I explain why business coaches struggle with this

The secret of being a great marketer is to constantly be thinking like a marketer. Wherever you are, you have that level of awareness to find the right angle for your project.

Let me be upfront with you: today, I’m not going to talk about marketing. Instead, we’re gonna dive in to something everyone thinks they want: peak performance. It sounds great when you

Can you remember the most significant investments that you’ve made? Chances are, you can recall the ad or offer that pulled you in and made you say “yes”. In this episode I

I’ll repeat this again (and I’ll keep repeating it): you have to know your audience, and you have to know what they will respond to. Promising something in the beginning without giving

The biggest mistake I see when someone is first getting their feet wet in the industry, is a message-to-avatar mismatch. Not everyone is going to respond to the same message. The more

Every entrepreneur goes through seasons. We all have high highs, and low lows. I built my business around my lifestyle. I wanted to make sure my currency allowed me to buy more

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