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Using Instagram and Influencer Marketing to Increase Exposure, Traffic, and Sales


The power of social media in marketing is pretty much well-known by those of us in the world of marketing…but being aware of that power and using it correctly are two very different things.

One of my clients, Josue Pena, utilized a strategy that brought him over 2500 webinar registrants from Instagram.

Before I go into any detail about this strategy, let me just say…

He did it for less than $1,000.

Insane, right? His story really illustrates the right way to utilize the power of social media to propel your business forward.

So what did he do?

Josue applied traditional business knowledge and techniques to Instagram marketing.

By pitching to over 800 people, Josue maxed out the amount of attendees (1000 people!) during his 1st webinar and generated 5 figures. At the time, Josue didn’t even realize how impressive this was.

Josue used what he calls, “influencer marketing” in order to convert his Instagram followers to traffic and ultimately, to sales.

Influencer marketing can be leveraged no matter what industry or niche you are in.

There are a couple of strategies that utilize influencer marketing – strategy number one is converting your own Instagram account and followers. This is a great strategy, and I’ll always advocate for it…but, the second strategy is much more of a “quick win” method — it relies on using other people’s audiences and followers to push traffic to your business. This is the strategy Josue used to get those crazy numbers, and the strategy that I am going to focus on teaching you.

Find Instagram accounts that target your audience and pay them to promote you.

These accounts can then make a post on the Instagram Story with a swipe up, or a strategically crafted normal post. The point of these posts is to push traffic to either the influencer’s bio, or your own personal bio, which contain links to your product.

Reach out to these influencers the right way.

Find the best way to contact the influencer. Typically, the best way to contact them can be found in their bio. Josue swears that “everything on Instagram goes down” on either KIK or Telegram, which are two types of messaging apps. Approach them as your brand to convey credibility, fill them in on what type of product you’re selling and how it’s relevant to their own brand. Ask them how much a promo costs – Josue says that he was surprised at how little some of the bigger influencer’s would charge.

Establish the right kind of relationship…

Some of the time, all these influencers want is some quick cash – offer to pay them and they will promote your product without asking too many questions. Others may want to know more about your product, and how it falls in line with their brand. Honestly, either type of influencer will be extremely useful for pushing your product.

Continue to strengthen the relationship with them and it should yield some added benefits, like lower promotion costs in the future.

Don’t let them screw you on the payment.

Josue says he ran into influencers that would ask him to send his PayPal payment as “Friends and Family” to avoid fees. This is a good way to get screwed…so, tell them you will pay the fees for a legitimate PayPal transaction (payment sent directly to the influencer). Josue would tell them that he can’t send it Friends and Family because he needs it as a tax-write off. You can say anything — the goal is to maintain a positive relationship with the influencer, while paying them the right way.

Influencers with personal brands who post video-stories are the ones to seek out.

These influencers know how to get their audience to pay attention…that’s why you are reaching out to them in the first place. They should be creating multiple (4 or so) stories over a 24-hour period to advertise your product to their fans.

Multiple stories means getting the maximum amount of exposure out of the promos. The first one or two stories bring awareness to your product, with subsequent stories telling the audience to swipe up to access your product.

It’s a simple concept, but it can yield some really awesome results.

Josue found that between 5 to 10% of the influencer’s followers will see these stories, and 5 to 10% of these people will swipe up.

Of course these numbers will vary based on how influential your influencer is…but we are talking 500 to 1000 additional clicks you are getting from an influencer with 100,000 followers. Pretty impressive.

Influencers without a personal brand can be useful too.

Some of these influencers didn’t gain a ton of followers because of their personal brand…

Maybe they post a lot of pictures of really delicious looking food from around the world, which caused a ton of people to follow their Instagram. They might not ever post a video that they are in and still be considered an influencer.

So, instead of asking them to make a video that has them personally hyping your product, ask them to post an engaging picture relevant to your product, with text that directs the audience to their bio. The text in the picture should be brief, but they can go into more detail in the caption.

If you are selling a fitness program that gives you a sick 6-pack, they can post a picture of some shredded dude with text that says something like “Want this six pack? Do this program…link in bio”. The caption can provide more in-depth information about your program.

This type of post is low on likes, but still brings in the clicks.

The posts with just an image and text aren’t going to get a lot of likes, because Instagram users know that they are ads.

The influencer’s followers still click them though.

This means more people viewing and purchasing your product.

That’s the goal.

The majority of traffic (Josue says around 90%) you get from the post will happen within the first hour, so it’s smart to have the influencer repost it a few times throughout the day.

Ideally, the influencer will make the post, take it down for a few hours, and then repost it. If they do this 3 or 4 times throughout the day, your product is getting the maximum amount of exposure.

Like I said, most of these influencers don’t know what their value is.

This means that both video and picture promotions can be purchased for very little.

Josue said one influencer he knows of, with 1.3 million followers, only charges 70 bucks for a shoutout and a link to your product in their bio.

Remember…5 to 10% of an influencer’s followers are going to see the shoutout stories, and 5 to 10% of those people will swipe up to visit your product.

The potential reach here is ridiculous…and for 70 bucks.

If you offer these guys a little more money and ask them to post a few more times throughout the day, the potential exposure goes even higher.

Instead of one post for 12 hours, ask them to take down the initial post after a few hours, and repost it a couple times throughout the day.

This tactic exposes your promotion to people who didn’t see it the first time.

Plus…the followers who see the post multiple times are going to be much more likely to swipe up and visit your product page.

Growing your own Instagram brand.

These influencers can be used for more than just pushing traffic to your product.

You can pay them to increase exposure to your brand.

If an influencer likes or comments on a post that you make, their audience will see that in their feed. This means that the influencer’s audience is now exposed to YOUR personal brand.

Since the influencer you are paying is going to be in a similar niche, you are exposing your brand and your product, to an audience of interested people.

LARGE audience of INTERESTED people.

Instagram highlights likes and comments by accounts with more than 100k followers — so, more people see what these influencer’s like and comment on.

If your content and brand are on point, these likes and comments are going to result in the influencer’s followers becoming your followers.

That’s why these high-influence likes are called “Power-Likes”…

Pay the right price for power-likes and comments.

I’ve pushed this point a few times now because it’s important to remember when negotiating the price for these services:

Some of these guys don’t realize how much their brand is worth.

If they have a million followers, and only charge 50 bucks for a story or shout out, you can assume that they don’t have a great grasp of their brand’s worth.

Use this to your advantage. Get a low price.

There might be influencers that are reluctant to accept payment to like your brand…

Frame the offer and its benefits to them in simple terms and concepts.

Tell them how much you and your followers like their account.

Tell them it will only take them a minute and that they’ll make some quick cash.

If you can persuade them, you’ll reap the rewards.

Increase the amount of quality traffic you get from these strategies.

A lot of traffic is good, no doubt.

But…the goal is to get as much quality traffic as possible.

We want the Instagram users who are going to purchase our product or follow our page.

Josue recommends asking the influencers for their analytics — if a large portion of their followers are from India for example, and your product is geared primarily toward people in the United States, then the traffic you receive won’t likely convert to sales.

Be sure to connect to Josue for more awesome information on Instagram and Influencer Marketing:

Collective Entrepreneurs Online for Josue’s webinar

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