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Using Webinars as a List Growth Strategy


There are endless methods, tools, and tactics to grow your email list. John Corcoran was able to double his from 6,000 to 12,000 during the first quarter of 2015 with partner webinars. With numbers like that, it makes you wonder why you don’t hear about using webinars as a list-building strategy more often.

Just days before recording this episode, John Corcoran from Rise25 and Smart Business Revolution, had his largest partner webinar to date — to the tune of a few thousand registrants. In this episode, he shares strategies you can use to build a large database of interested buyers using other people’s audiences (without hard pitches!)

Here’s a quick recap of what I took away from my interview with John:

Using Your Webinar As A List Building Strategy:

  • Depending on your business you can use a webinar in a variety of ways.  Using your webinar as a list building strategy can provide immense value to other people’s audiences and in exchange you can extract the information you need from them, like email addresses and contact information.
  • John has been using this strategy to create a large database of interested consumers. By reaching out to interested parties and asking if they can partner to share content, you can gather their contact information and a create a follow up email sequence which will get this audience to better know you and your product along with building up your credibility and your brand.
  • Be sensitive to the organization or association you are working with and their rules for pitching and gathering information on attendees. But remember that you are trying to do this for brand exposure, etc so if there is no ability to follow up and communicate with the list/attendees you should pass on the opportunity.

How to get around the non-pitching policy during a joint-venture webinar:

  • The Workbook Concept = a creative way for you to get  a way for your attendees to opt in to receive a workbook that they can download.  When they opt in, they are asked to provide an email address – BOOM, contact saved!
  • Please note that: you should always provide an unsubscribe button as well.  If your partner is not providing you attendee email addresses you should ask if you are able to provide the list with a workbook noting that they have the ability to unsubscribe to you.
  • If you were promised a list, but are not seeing it, remember to promise a give-away on the webinar.  This provides you a way in so that you may ensure that you are provided a list so that their attendees are not let down.

The Importance of Networking and Relationship Building for JV / Partner Webinars:

  • John’s latest joint venture was a year and a half in the making – totally worth it of course! A tip that really resonated with me was to fully immerse yourself in those who are doing webinars as a way to meet and make connections.  Network and build relationships!
  • Look for companies who have external presenters, who are continually running free webinars for their audience.

A Webinar Timeline:

  • Make sure you are specific with the length of the webinar. If you say 60 minutes, it should be 60 minutes.
  • John has found that 40 minutes has worked the best for his audiences.
  • Intro (6-8 min): Establish who you are, why they should listen to you and exactly how they’ll benefit from the content.
  • “The meat” (8-30min): “You actually need to teach people something or they’re going to be really really angry at you.” Use facts, figures, numbers, and data at some point.
  • Case studies (30-40min): (educational and edifying you) Naturally transitioning from educating to selling:
  • Stories – people want to hear stories to make it more relatable. Provide educational case studies which are social proof aka proof that people are getting results.  Break it down: what did they do to get these results, what did you do. Establishes that you know what you are talking about.
  • DO NOT LET PEOPLE FEEL LIKE THEY HAVE GOTTEN EVERYTHING, this is just a piece of the puzzle.
  • “We are running out of time, but here these are some things that you need to know” Bulletize in the slide what other knowledge you can provide and begin the offer
  • Watch yourself!  If your partner does not want you to pitch, then you need to walk that fine line.  Double check with the company regarding capturing any information.
  • Have a follow up sequence in place.
  • Once you have a winning webinar, continue to use it! Do not recreate the wheel!
  • Lead Gen style webinar how do you end? Rather than a pitch, make them ask “what should I do now?” John has created a phone script and email template – if you want this, make sure you opt in to the workbook and I will send this to you! Again – you are capturing their contact info!! again, the whole point is to build your list.

A Winning Webinar Title MUSTS:

  • Everything flows downhill from the title… the title influences who shows up and who buys.
  • What does well: specific numbers and time parameters. For example: “10 clients in 30 days” was one of John’s most successful titles.
  • Test various titles and use the one that works the best.

Elements of a Webinar That Get People Excited:

  • Facts, figures, data. Educate and provide knowledge!
  • Social proof: case studies, testimonials that prove your worth.


With John’s largest JV webinar behind him, there are many big things to come for him and his team!  Want to learn more about John and Rise 25, feel free to connect with him at and

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