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When Setbacks Happen Do You Have What It Takes To Win?

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“(If I had quit) I would be feeling a lot of emotions of self-loathing and regret. Because especially knowing what I know now, I think fulfillment and just loving life and being grateful, you know, in part, comes from achievement, right? In part, comes from seeing a vision in your head and then going after it and being able to achieve it.” – Zan Shaikh

It’s probably the number one fear my students deal with – turning on their ads and not making any sales.

Add to it the fact that when they sign up for my programs, they’ve already spent several thousand dollars upfront.

You might think only the newbies deal with these emotions. Not true.

When I started working with Zan Shaikh, he had already hit 7-figures in 6 months of selling his program.

So why did he want to get into paid traffic?

“My whole goal is I want to try and build some world-changing tech. I want to try and go the Elon route. So that’s honestly my whole thing… I want to learn and master skillsets so that I can add value, build capital, and then go and fund my own ideas that are too crazy for people to even think is possible… I saw what you’re doing and it’s like, paid traffic is that way to go from organic, which is awesome, I’m still doing it to this day, but paid is adding gasoline to the fire…

“And it also creates predictability in your revenue… You get to get quite granular with, okay, how much am I spending per customer? I’m acquiring, you know, this many customers for this much? What can I spend to get booked leads? So on and so forth.”

As far as I’m aware, Zan is an outlier when it comes to his success without paid traffic.

I know of so many course creators who haven’t even hit 6-figures in sales, who shy away from paid traffic.

They only want to build their business with content marketing, social media, and referrals.

They fall into what I call the “Organic Marketing Trap.”

Zan avoided it.

Success Secrets Of A 23-Year Old Millionaire

I was surprised to learn Zan was just 23 years old at the time we recorded this interview.

He’s been an entrepreneur since his teens.

Started out flipping – buy for a dollar, sell for two.

Then got into dropshipping.

And then found his way into selling on Amazon.

Since then, he’s developed a proprietary system called RankOne to help Amazon private label sellers rank their product listings at position 1 on Amazon search.

Recently, he expanded his offering to help his clients’ overall business growth, and not just one aspect of selling on Amazon.

“You’re always going to have difficulty when trying to achieve some sort of solution. And I think one of the greatest, attributes of successful entrepreneurs – Joel, you talk about this all the time – is persistence… You’re going to hit some walls. But you know, you really need to either go through the wall, around the wall, scale the wall, whatever it is. If you continue to persevere, you’re going to end up getting the results you want or even better.

“[The other thing my experience taught me] was hire an expert, right? If you want to truncate the time… If you want to speed up the result that you want, go out and find somebody that has done what you want and pay them. ‘Cause especially if they’re good, you’re going to get an awesome result. And honestly, you are going to find some bad people who say that they can do what you want and, you know, they just take your money and run away. That’s happened to me many times. And all honestly, the best lesson I’ve learned from that is it just teaches you who to not work with again.

“And if you find the right people – Joel, I’m going to work with you for the rest of my life…  Because you were able to help me get a result. So I trust you. I know that you know, I can come to you for my questions and problems. So at the end of the day, it also teaches you that the best people to find are those that deliver you value. And they are always there to help you on that journey. And guess what? The lifetime value of a customer always trumps that first sale.”

Zan bought my online course, High Ticket Courses.

While going through it, he saw the webinar I use for our done-for-you offer.

He reached out to me to ask if we could create his Power Offer and Mini Webinar for him.

Growth Feels Like The Moment Before You Skydive Out Of A Plane

“This was when it started, emotions of fear and worry and doubt. ‘Cause the investment was 5-figures. And you know, I’d made more money than that, but of course, that’s a sizable chunk of change. And I didn’t want to just throw it into the ether and never see it again.

“So, I remember texting you about it and you showed me a result of somebody who was in my niche. You helped them make $3 or $4 million a month. You’re going to love this, it’s on my phone to this day. I screenshot it the day you sent it to me and I made it my home screen because I’m going to do better than this guy.

“I talked to my dad, ‘Is this smart?’ He’s like, ‘Son, is he the real deal?’ And I’m like, ‘I think he is. Yeah, I mean, it makes sense, right?’ So he goes, ‘Honestly, do it.’ So I texted you the next day.

“I was like, ‘Dude, is there any way you can give me a discount or something?’ And I use this rebuttal now, by the way, so thank you for this. But you said to me, ‘Do you want us to discount the quality of our work?’ And I was like, ‘Fair enough.’ And I remember I paid you that same day.”

If you take away only one thing from this case study, let it be this:

Successful entrepreneurs take decisive action in spite of their fears.

They don’t let their emotions get in the way of growing their business.

But that doesn’t mean they’re immune to those emotions.

Which is why working with a coach is so important.

A coach understand what you’re going through because he been where you are now.

He’s felt those emotions.

He can point them out to you, label them, and show you how to deal with them.

Like my team and I had to do with Zan.

What Your First Few Weeks Of Running Ads Will Look Like

“In the beginning, we were spending a lot of money and we just weren’t getting the right people, inside of our funnel. We were spending a thousand a week and we hadn’t made any closes in the beginning. And that’s what I started to freak out.

“And of course, when you look at it in hindsight you want to say, ‘Zan, you’re just being so stupid. You’re just being childish. Don’t let your emotions get to you. Anybody who’s successful for real in the longterm has to take the punches.’” 

This is completely normal, by the way.

Any time you launch something brand new and you’re spending money on paid traffic, it takes a while to get results.

In the meantime, those advertising bills are going to keep coming.

Everyone wants to hit it out of the park in the first innings.

But it almost never turns out that way.

Let the data do the talking.

And it sounds so cliche, but it’s going to be rough in the beginning and you have to be willing to weather the storm.

“I think it’s really sad because there’s a percentage of entrepreneurs that come in, you know, they’re just as smart as you and I, they have the same knowledge as you and I, but it’s that emotional resilience piece that’s missing. They just give up too soon. They give up right before the gold. And it’s just sad because they could have materialized their dreams, you know?”

And guess what?

Zan made his first sale 8 to 10 days after starting his ads.

$8,000 revenue on $1,500 ad spend.

He was off to the races.

3 Months From Now Will You Be Like Zan Shaikh?

“Right now we’re spending anywhere between $10k and $13k per month on ads. And we’re generating roughly $100,000 per month. We’ve done a little over $300,000 since January. We’re in April now, so that’s three months. 

“So clearly I’ve made my investment back many times over. And the beautiful thing is we’ve noticed that because of the system that you showed us we’re just getting better and better and booked called costs. Our costs are just dropping and dropping and dropping. ‘Cause you taught us honestly how to actually look at a funnel and dial it in, which honestly. I’d never been taught that. I knew how to do that with  Shopify and I had been taught how to do that with Amazon,  track my numbers. But nobody in the high ticket space taught me how to track my numbers,  at all.

“And that was the thing that really started to give me confidence. And so what we’re looking to do is, hopefully, in April we’re aiming to do $250k. Stay at $250k for maybe April, May, and then double again in June/July. And then, you know, either late 2020 or early 2021 we’re looking at having our first million dollar month. I think it’s definitely possible.”

“And I want to be real with you, there were difficulties. There were challenges. At some points, I was like, ‘I think they screwed me.’ But looking back, in hindsight, Joel – you know this already – I’m so grateful for you and your team. There are so few people in this space who do what they say they’re going to do. And it’s an honor to have worked with you, man. I’m so proud to call myself someone who has been mentored by you.”

You’re in for the ride of your life.

But first, you have to get on the roller coaster.

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