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People Stealing Your Stuff?

Tags: evolved, adopt, utilized, stuff, stealing

What happens when you have the success that the rest of the market starts to adopt it?

People start knocking it off and coming up with their own coined language for whatever you have developed.

And now, it is being utilized in a whole different way.

What do you do?

Find out here.

You'll Discover:

  • Have a mindset of abundance and say, “Well, done. You have made an impact.” [4:20]

  • Be honored that people have valued your intellect and opinion so much that they have evolved. [4:50]

  • We secretly want recognition and validation of our worth. [6:36]

  • Everything goes through evolution and changes. [7:10]

  • Let them remember you as someone who constantly improves and comes up with fresh new ideas. [10:21]

… and much more!

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